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Weekend Catch Up

We took two days off work and ran away from London for a night at Babington House, the Cotswolds’ chapter of Soho House, last week which made for an extra long, spoiling weekend. And after a series of long days/weeks/months of magazine editing on Jamie’s behalf, we were more than ready for the mini getaway.

As wonderful as the set-up, grounds and service is, our food was the only aspect that was sadly a little disappointing – even more so when you consider the hefty price tags attached. But the fluffy beds, roaring fires and lovely atmosphere more than made up for a somewhat lacking dinner.
The rest of the weekend consisted of friend’s birthdays, cinema trips, baking experiments and plenty of boring but necessary life admin. 

I ate…. An avocado-filled Byron burger and homemade lemon and cardamom cake baked by yours truly. I used this recipe and just added the zest and juice of half a lemon. It turned out really good and got the office seal of approval on Monday.
I drank…. The insanely good ginger tea at Babington’s Cowshed spa (dee-licious) and Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktails.
I went… To Babington House! Swimming in the bath-like indoor pool, sweating in the sauna, trying and failing to learn the ropes at chess and lots of red wine were all part of our cosy two days. I also spent a good couple of hours of lounging, quite literally, in a robe, drinking tea and catching up on magazines (you can probably tell from the pictures above that I was rarely without a cup of something hot.). Upmarket slobbing-out at its best.  
I watched… Gravity in 3D. Go see for a vertigo-inducing (in a good way) spectacle that succeeds in wowing despite the oh-so-cheesy script.
I wore… Lots of grey, the warmer the better: a v-neck jumper and this knitted beanie. My Vans came in handy for hopping from the room to pool and back again too.