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Le Weekend

This weekend started off frantic as I raced home to try and create some sort of skeleton/skull makeup for a Halloween birthday party, only to fail in a massive way and have to strip it all off and think on my feet for something new with quite literally no time to spare. I ended up going for some sort of batman painted mask that was little bit feline, a little bit Bowie.  Turns out, if you whack loads of stuff on your face, no one really cares about the rest of you which made my lack of last-minute costume just about acceptable. 


I ate… a morning-after brunch of pancakes with bacon, avocado and maple syrup (strange but good) with friends on Saturday, and discovered one the wonders of my local Turkish joint Fez Mangal – no doubt set to become a new regular. It’s not much to look at and probably nicer to takeaway rather than eat in, but the food itself is really delicious. Huge falafel wraps for £3.50? Yes please.
I drank…. Homemade mint, vodka and lime cocktails on Friday, followed by litres of earl grey tea the following morning. 
I went… To aforementioned Halloween house party complete with a faux murder scene in the bathroom. 
I wore… My shiny new Sandro Atlanta boots I treated myself too on Saturday after months of pining for them. You can see a fair bit of the beauties on my Instagram until I get a proper picture up. These Kurt Geiger Strike boots are very similar and a bit cheaper too.
I watched… The incredibly moving and endearing What Maisie Knew with Steve Coogan, Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard. Warning: do not watch if emotionally vulnerable or overly tired. It will get you.