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Top 10 looks from MFW

 It’s Milan’s turn for my break down of favourite looks, and this time I actually stuck to the self-imposed limit of 10.  But fear not, I will no doubt be going back to my rebellious ways when it comes to Paris, my folder for which is already overflowing. Thank you in advance Marc, Riccardo and Claire.
While I anticipate and admire the work of Miuccia Prada and co, I sometimes struggle to find inspiration on a personal level from Milan, especially as the Italian aesthetic tends to veer towards very ‘done’, which as you know isn’t exactly very ‘me’. Bu the great thing about Milan is I often get pleasantly surprised by brands I might not immediately assimilate with.  Take Sportmax for example – a label I wouldn’t automatically get excited about and yet it proved my stand out show of MFW. Plus there’s something about Milan that makes me want to sharpen up and magically have the ability to wear high, high heels all day long and don white without spilling on it.
Neither aspirations will be happening any time soon but its nice to pretend, and the below looks are good for doing just that.

Sportmax was probably my favourite show of Milan – loved the loose silhouettes, black spots and so naff-they’re-great pom pom mules. Any excuse to wear something akin to silk pyjamas too. 

Such beautiful, slinky dresses by Roberto Cavalli – like ‘bejazzled’ 70s crochet tunics. Would kill for an occasion to wear one these beauties.

The nipped-in little jacket and pencil skirt should feel stuffy but in the hands of Consuelo Castiglioni at Marni, the combination feels relaxed and generally doable. Quite the feat.

Sucker for metallic Ziggy Stardust trousers – the key is to keeping everything else to minimum as demonstrated by Costumer National.

Oh to be tall, willowy and able to carry off this Gucci dress. I personally find that neckline the sexiest of all too. Really liked the label’s sportier turn this season. And I do like a bit of lurex….

Yeah we all know about the pink coat thing – it was more the trouser length and shoes that won me over on the top Jil Sander look.  And if I had the abs for it, I’d 100% work a cropped top under tailoring thing…  (Think I’ll leave that to those braver than I for now though.)

Last but not least, a look from Iceberg that’s one of those easy things you’d wear tomorrow with the added bonus of clean lines and a diagonal lepel.