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I Bamboo You

You might have seen me on Instagram quite a few weeks ago sporting some big eyes and roller-clad hair for a project with Gucci. That was all I could reveal at the time but after launching this week, I can share what I was up to with you all.

Gucci very kindly asked me to be involved with a short film project they were producing with Clara Paget as the leading lady to celebrate Gucci’s bamboo bag, an icon of the accessory world that’s been gracing many a glamorous arm since 1947. I of course jumped at the chance and subsequently spent a day filming in London’s Bermondsey with an incredibly talented bunch of friendly people that made me feel totally at ease on set. While blogging has meant I’ve slowly had to become more at ease in front of the camera (definitely a work in progress), filming was a whole new ball game but I ended up really enjoying trying my hand at a medium that’s still somewhat new to me. And while it’s undoubtedly lots of fun, having worked as a fashion assistant for several years, I still find it a little strange being on the other side of things on big shoots and always find myself feeling like I should be steaming or packing suitcases. Old habits die hard I suppose!

So myself, Chloe Hayward and Lead Wood were transformed into ‘Gucci mean girls’ and basically spent the the day strutting around South London teasing Clara with our Bamboo wares, the result of which you can now watch below. 

Note: The version I have seems to be a bit grainy and pixelated so if you have trouble viewing it, you can watch it in better quality on Grazia here until I get it sorted. Sorry – working on it as we speak! 

To celebrate the release of the project earlier this week, there was a delicious dinner at the beautiful art deco Cafe Royal on Regent’s Street. It was one of those nights you end up chatting so much you barely register you have a phone (pretty refreshing to be honest seeing as it tends to morph into a 3rd hand most of the time) but I managed to to snap a couple of quick pics of what I was wore to event. Thank you snazzy bathroom mirror for your part in that.

Vintage velvet jacket // Zara belt // HnM leather pants // Gucci bag // Zara camisole

Thank you Gucci for a wonderful experience and a great night on Wednesday.I feel so lucky to have been a part of it all.