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Grunge, meet Gucci Bamboo

When Gucci very kindly asked if I’d like to style up their classic bamboo tote in the online exclusive blue, I of course immediately jumped and said yes. Anything to break my monotonous black bag habit. But when it came down to how exactly to wear the beauty, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to do it justice (aforementioned black bag rut had really stuck).
 However, I quickly realised the blue was way more adaptable than I initially gave it credit for. So much so, I pretty much just subbed it in for my standard black bag and in doing so, it immediately became really wearable and lost all ‘it bag’ connotations.  Don’t get me wrong, its still the kind of bag you find yourself holding up and just generally gazing at (there’s something about those bamboo handles that just ask to be stroked – not as weird as it sounds I promise), but its simultaneously something you can throw on easily and without too much thought. Always winning qualities in my books. 
 So that’s how Gucci ended up coming together with the grungy-casual mixture of clothes I tend to live in at weekends for a high/low happy medium. On a side note, I can’t stop tying plaid shirts round my waist. Apologizing in advance. 

Bag // Gucci Bamboo shopper exclusively available online from

Jeans // Zara
Shirt // Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters
Striped top // Old Cheap Monday
Boots // Office
Ph. by James Wright