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Girls in Gant Rugger

As you may of guessed from my Instagram, I am big into boy’s clothes right now. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I’ve recently started co-habiting so I have twice the amount of shirts at my disposable, but there really is nothing better than an oversized, button-up man’s shirt to temper the sexiness of a pair of leather trousers or a short short skirt. 

So when Gant Rugger asked if I’d style up some menswear to celebrate their new Girls in Gant Rugger campaign I didn’t hesitate to get on board. Featuring beautiful Swedish editor and blogger Columbine Smille, the campaign is not only stunning, it also feels really current and taps into the cross-gender appeal of menswear that immediately resonated with me. Searching for that perfect cotton shirt or baggy jumper becomes so much easier when you delve into the menswear section and visiting the Gant Rugger store in London was something of a revelation. From this collarless pinstripe number to cable-knit sweaters and wool blazers, you’re pretty spoilt for choice and I actually found myself coveting more items than I might in the usual high street womenswear stores. Plus the sizing really works for the girls-in-menswear thing, going down to XS for those that don’t want a really over-sized shape.

The pinstripes of this shirt immediately jumped out (let’s thank Stella for that) and I went for one size up to get a proper boyish fit which I kind of love with this teeny-tiny skirt that needs all the dressing down it can get. 

Shirt // Gant Rugger
Skirt // All Saints
Trainers // New Balance
Watch // Larsson and Jennings
Coat // Old but similar here and here.  

Ph. by James Wright