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Inside Space with Yours Truly

So this is a bit of a first for both me and my blog. A video. Of me. Speaking. Three sentences that would normally put a knot of substanstial fear in my stomach, but in the creative, capable hands of Verity and Chloe Pemberton, the whole experience turned out to be million times better and easier than I thought possible. Anyone that manages to make a video of me that doesn’t make me want to slam the lid of my laptop down within the first 5 seconds is pretty talented! 

So here is me and my (soon to not be) place for the final installment of Inside Space for Verity’s blog They Don’t Know Yet. Check it out if you haven’t already as well as previous Inside Space videos with the girls behind one of my favourite London blogs Helen Glory. 

There’s a bit of a travel theme as we talk holiday reads, products that make it into my suitcase and the next destination on my wish-list. Apologies in advance for my wonky hair – a badly timed hair cut is to blame. 

UPDATE:  Those of you asking about my necklace, its from Marc by Marc Jacobs and you can get it here. (And it’s only £39) There’s also one in Rose Gold which I’m also tempted to add to my collection.

Director / Verity Pemberton 
Production / Primrose Productions