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On the Road Again

I’m heading back to France on Sunday for a week so inevitably all the images I seem to be pinning/dragging onto my desktop tend to be of the easy-breezy variety right now, with lots of soft-focus vintage shots of some of my all-time icons Lauren Hutton and Charlotte Rampling and anything that depicts some sort of lazy afternoon. 
 While I’m hoping as ever for lots of time outside in the sun, we’re really keen to get out and about in the car for a day or two and explore some of the local towns of Burgundy and Champagne so if anyone has any favourite local spots or tips, I’d love to hear about them! I’m hoping to be posting from France (wi-fi dependent) but you can follow me on Instagram (@lucywilliams02) for updates while I’m away too. 

 images via Wolf Cub, Oracle Fox, 4th and Bleeker, The Londoner, Pinterest and Tumblr