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Key to Freedom

If you buy one thing this week, make it one of these printed silk scarves by Topshop made in conjunction with Key to Freedom, a charity project that works to support vulnerable women in West Bengal by providing them with new skills, safe houses and a support network. 
Supporting those less fortunate than ourselves is always a good thing, but its made even better when the charitable purchase in question actually looks great and I think this project in particular manages to marry lovely design with a brilliant cause. I’m not a massive scarf person myself but these are big enough to use as a sarong on the beach and light enough to knot into a head scarf or turban (I actually feel a bit naked without something wrapped around my head on holiday right now).  Plus the beautiful Indian prints and tie-dye patterns are so summery and timeless I can see these becoming one of those failsafe things you throw in your suitcase year after year. 
You can read more about Topshop’s Key to Freedom project on the Topshop blog.
My personal favorites are the Pink Fern Print and Green Tie Dye.