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En Vacances

Whenever we come to France, one of the first things to do is stock up the fridge so a trip to the supermarket is always on day one’s agenda before we can settle into all-out R ‘n’ R by the pool. 
Aside from the obligatory saucisson, crunch bars and ice lollies, I picked up a few other goodies this trip, namely some sunny coral espadrilles for $7 and some L’Oreal Elvive (or Elseve I should say) sun specific shampoo. I’ve never seen this Sun Repair range in the U.K (correct me if I’m wrong) so I instantly chucked a bottle in the trolley to try (anyone out there whose blonde hair has some kind of allergic reaction to the sun will hopefully understand my ridiculous enthusiasm!).
After two cloudy days, I was beginning to think I’d tempted fate with said shampoo, but the sun really came out to play today so after a long, chlorine-soaked swim, it looks like it might actually come in useful after all.

Bikini // Oysho