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In an attempt to get my hair back into working order after Mexico’s salty showers and sunshine stripped it of anything good, I’m trying to refrain from washing my hair quite so much (read everyday). I was once on a shoot and the hair stylist looked at my thin, war-torn hair and just said ‘stop washing your hair so much’ and it’s something that really stuck with me.  I’m a big believer in leaving skin and hair to its own devices once in a while, rather than stripping it of its natural oils with harsh products. But despite my best efforts, the state of my fine hair by the end of day 2 sans shampoo means I always end up slipping back into the routine of dousing it in shampoo every morning. 

However this time round, I’m already noticing a really positive difference in the condition of my hair from only washing it every other day. And while it might not look that pretty in between washes, the pay off is proving pretty good and I’ve even had a few extra observant (and unprompted) friends comment on the healthy difference. A good messy up do, especially the half top knot like the bottom picture, is making my unwashed experiment that bit easier too. A win win if you ask me.