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Two Ways

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen these jeans a fair amount as they’re proving something of go-to in this muggy-but-not-quite-sunny weather. So after just a quick mention in my Tulum holiday photos, I thought it was about time I gave them some proper airtime.

They came about after a wander into Gap one aimless Sunday in need of a new top for yoga or something equally nondescript. They’re meant to be skinny fit but after a process of trial and error in the changing room, I found a loose-fit by going a couple of sizes up and roughed them up a bit by take a cheese grater/razor to the knees. They do need washing and tumble-drying before almost every outing as they get so baggy after just one wear, and annoyingly I can’t wear sans belt without unintentionally referencing low-slung skater boys, but they’ve now all but replaced my trusty skinny jeans.

A recent black tie trip to the opera forced me into buying some strappy heels after many, many months of living strictly in flats. So over the course of the weekend I gave both said heels and my Birkenstocks a whirl with the jeans. There’s something about the super baggy, boyish fit that dresses down heels to the point of making them almost totally inconspicuous, which is always okay by me. My trusty black fedora also came out after being in hibernation for a little while. Excuse the lopsided band on the last shot, this is it fresh from its dusty perch. 

Jacket / Whistles
Jeans / Gap
T-shirt / Urban Outfitters
Belt / Olive Clothing
Nude heels / Zara
Black sandals / Birkenstocks
Hat / Vintage
Rings / Noemi Klein, Vera Meat and Natalie Marie Jewellery 

All photos by James Wright