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It’s Time

I’ve subconsciously stopped wearing my gold Michael Kors chronograph watch recently. I think mainly because yellow gold next to sallow winter skin is never that appealing, and partly due to the gold just feeling a bit ‘much’ of late. 
I’ve always been drawn to two-tone metal watches and was originally looking for a gun metal/rose-gold combination prior to buying my MK gold one, but failed to find one that ticked the boxes for both looks and price. 
Well, it looks like Mr. Kors read my mind on this one, with yet another covetable, affordable watch to hanker after. Time* for an update me thinks.
Get it here from ASOS.  
Just leave one for me…. 

*Apologies for the toe-curling puns. The lowest form of wit, or so I’m frequently told, and yet so hard to avoid/resist.