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Kane Close-Ups

The inimitable Christopher Kane has done it again.

Clearly feeling confident, and rightly so after his recently signed deal with PPR, Kane ticked all the boxes with his A/W 2013 collection. Admittedly it took a few once-overs to take it all in (60 looks made for a pretty meaty collection), but it pretty quickly became one of those stand-out shows that just keeps on giving in terms of detail and technical precision.

And while the camouflage kilts and fur coats are seriously covetable thanks to Kane’s wearable breed of cool, I think its when you get a little closer that those intricate details really come into their own. Take the undone loop-stitch seams on the velvet pieces for example. So perfect in their imperfection you wonder why you ever wanted a dress that didn’t fall open at the seams.
Christopher Kane