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New Season Jeans

I’m a real jeans person all year round but particularly so when the mornings start to get colder and darker as they are now. I subconsciously always go for black and grey outerwear so printed trousers or jeans with a bit of subtle detail make a nice change to my winter uniform.
Enter All Saints’ Paisley Brodie jeans (top).  So many brands’ ‘low-rise’ jeans actually sit closer to your ribcage if you’re not made of super model proportions, so for anyone like me who’s petite and after actual low-rise jeans, All Saints is a winner. And with Paisley being a perennial favourite print, I snapped these up with little to no hesitation. 
The Topshop tartan trousers (O.K these are properly high-waisted but you kind of need them to be with such a loud pattern like this) and the grey Isabel Marant Western jeans are two more styles on my burgeoning new-season wish list.