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Blame Isabel

I don’t think I could have predicted I’d be wearing tie-dye jeans this time last year, but this is yet another Marant band wagon that I, along with everyone else, am jumping on for the summer. I bought this pair from Zara that some of you might already have seen here, but after one wear I had a bit of a Goldilocks moment as mine were just too baggy but the smaller pair were just too small. But, never one to disappoint, Zara came to the rescue with the above substitute pair from the TRF section. On my travels I also found an amazing red pair similar to the Isabel Marant ones in Topshop, but my fear of brights that I’m just not sure I can ever conquer forced me to put my ‘will I actually wear these’ sensible head on.
The little white Navajo shorts are from Mango, somewhere I have to admit I’ve never really shopped, but after its great campaigns featuring Anna Selezneva and Kate Moss I thought it was time I checked it out.  They just need a little more fraying at the hems (I’m a pro with a cheese grater) and they’ll be just right. Bit of an optimistic purchase right now but I’m hoping short shorts will seem somewhat less of a daunting undertaking after my Morocco jaunt now just around the corner.