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Perfect styling from Oyster magazine featuring model of the moment Rachel Rutt. There’s not one look I don’t love…That Friend of Mine mint green skirt with the rough and ready denim jacket-come-shirt is a particular favourite.
Had a very successful day’s shopping today. Managed to replace my vintage black leather skirt after finally admitting my current one is just too small and inappropriately short with bare legs, sniff sniff, and picked up some wicked slipper style court shoes. Very chic and spindly-heeled compared to what I normally go for but I’m up for the challenge! Will be doing some thick-sock-show-stretching tonight to prepare them for Paris… Favorite purchase of the day was a two-tone denim shirt from The Kooples which reminds me of the beautiful Isabel Marant A/W 11 one doing the rounds in Street Style shots at the moment. Same effect but half the price is always a winner.
Now time for X Factor… 7.30-9.30 p.m- ITV you are spoiling us…
source: stolen inspiration