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Back to Back

I love a flash of back at the mo and am endlessly drawn to spaghetti straps and low-cut backs on tops and dresses for holiday.  It must a be Summer thing as it really is the only time of year that part of your body is on show. I guess as a child of the nineties, when the Calvin Klein bias-cut spaghetti strap dress was the eptiome of chic (still is in my opinion), a bit of back is forever associated in my mind with elegance and style.  
Tan lines and bra straps need not apply.
Talking of backs, I’m heading back to bed…the Summer lurgy caught up with me today so I’ve spent my Sunday drinking hot honey and lemon and dosing myself with cold and flu pills.  Hope you’re weekends have been more eventful!
images: Style by Kling, weheartit, knighttcat and Spell &the Gypsy Collective