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Tell Tail

It’s the accessories in this shoot that really make it for me.  The battered turquoise cuff, gold curb bracelets and, of course, the tail… (I have been known to sit and stroke mine whilst sitting on the tube on the way into work in the morning like a crazy cat lady).  I get mixed reviews when I take it out and about attached to my bag, but it’s still one of my favorite finds from last year.
And ever since I saw Ashley Olsen in that red suit with a breton t-shirt underneath I’ve been obsessed with finding one for myself…this editorial has only fuelled the sartorial fire so I’m now on the hunt.
 Heading out of London and going home this weekend which I’m too excited for.  Will finally have some time to blog properly too and show you some of my recent purchases that have been making getting dressed in the morning that bit more fun.
images: Caroline’s mode