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I am a bikini magpie, and as soon as there’s a holiday in sight it’s almost like my go-to to get me in the mood.  Even though I’m not going away till the end of July, it would have been rude not to snap up this Zimmerman bikini in the sale.  Personally, I think Aussie style is some of the best in the world right now, but if there’s one thing they really know how to do well, it’s swimwear.
I first came across this a few months ago and shot it for one of my shopping pages when I was working at a magazine. I fell in love with the loud and proud Club Tropicana print and tiny gold skulls and swallows on the end of every strand-they make a really nice tinkling sound when you move that makes me sound a bit like a a fleet of Morris Dancers.  I never thought that would be a selling point for anything, let alone swimwear, but there we go.
Apparently it’s meant to 30 degrees here tomorrow but the fact it’s white over with clouds outside and I’m sitting by the fire with a cup of tea (yes, in June) doesn’t bode well….
Hope you’re all having a fun weekend. xxx