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Bright, braided friendship bracelets are a permanent fixture on my wrists right now (pick some of your own up from Urban Outfitters and Primark).
The little red peace sign thread is from one of my favorite local boutiques in London, Indian Summer.  Full to the brim of amazing cashmere, silk beach dresses, balinese-printed parasols and rose-scented candles, I recently discovered it is also a treasure trove for amazing, and most-importantly affordable, jewellery.  It’s the best place to pick up bright threaded and beaded friendhsip style bracelets with peace, skull, and evil-eye charms, as well as neon thread necklaces with crosses and skulls in gold and silver.  Everytime I wear mine, I get asked where they’re from and I’m always pretty smug to reveal my source is in Fulham rather than central London as deep down I really want to save them all for myself!

(top image-my own, bottom-Jak and Jil)