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Spell and The Gypsy Collective

Who can refuse dream catchers, skateboards and piling on the hardware when the sun’s shining?  Byron-bay based (my jealousy knows no bounds) bloggers and jewellery designers Spells & the Gypsy Collective post the most inspiring pics from their escapades in the sun and surf around their home town.  As soon as Spring arrives I’m a cliched sucker for denim cut offs, white lace, turquoise nuggets and Navajo jackets, so discovering their amazing blog today was pretty apt.  
Somehow, living and working London, these kid of looks just don’t feel the same without a beachy backdrop-the River Thames just ain’t the same sadly!  Luckily, I have Bali to look forward to in August so I’ll have to save up all this vibe for then.  Trying to save all my pennies too so I can blitz those silver markets….Ahh I’m counting down the days already.
After a savagely long day on Wednesday, I get to leave work early today, practically feel like skipping the whole way home the weather is so good, so will be sitting outside my local cafe with a pile of magazines by five.  Bliss!