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new shiny things

Some new things I can’t get enough of right now, the shiniest of them all being my new gold Michael Kors chronograph watch from  I’ve been looking for a good chunky, masculine watch (at a purse friendly price) for so long.  It got so desperate I started wearing my mum’s way too tiny and tight two-tone Seiko from the late 1990s, so I was pretty relieved when I finally plucked up the courage to take the plunge and invest in this one.  I took a couple of days wondering if I should have gone for the Rose gold but, after a few days procrastinating, I settled on the yellow gold, or, as my dad described it, ‘blingtastic’!
You can maybe just make out I’m wearing rolled up baggy jeans in the bottom pic.  I’ve discovered a new love for the the almost indecently low-slung, surfer-girl pantaloons I was addicted to in my late teens and literally cannot tear myself away from these Unisex American Apparel numbers.   Tomato-red, low-rise, saggy crotch and no doubt pretty unflattering, I just love ’em.
Top pic:
Boots-Kurt Geiger
shorts-vintage Levis
watch-Michael Kors