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New Kids

Firstly, these definitely aren’t new kids on the blogging circuit, in fact they’re a million times more experienced and more followed than I am, they’re just new discoveries for me hence the title.
With LFW fast approaching, it’s always nice to a few new outfit bloggers to ogle for inspiration and I can’t get enough of these two in particular-they’re much softer, simpler and prettier in their style to some of the blogs I follow and I’m loving the contrast.

Vanilla Scented
Gary Pepper Vintage
So yet again, despite my best efforts, blogging has been sparse.  The endless prepping, shotos and long journeys home (tube strikes) have resulted in my evenings being spent in front of 24/inbetweeners/C4 Documentaries/Gossip Girl etc, rather than flexing my fingers on my laptop.
Fashion week is almost upon us and I’m getting pretty excited (although the bags under my eyes spell trouble ahead for sure).
So with work drinks tonight to celebrate our latest issue and mark the beginning of fashion week, it’s all go go go…
Had a mad, ill-advised online spree yesterday and today (asos and topshop owe me for my custom if you ask me) in preparation.  Bought some amazing leopard print cropped trousers, a unique cream bobble cable knit jumper and burgundy trilby courtesy of topshop which I’m jumping round in my seat waiting for. Anyone would think I was going into battle-the reality is definitely not going to nearly as dramatic or cool, but fun nonetheless.