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want need love

Whilst I’m a lover of a good old moggy, leopard cats are just amazing.  I am desperate for a little feline friend but, living in a first floor flat with no garden/balcony, it’s basically going to have to be a pipe dream for a little while as, being a country girl at heart, I would hate to have a cat that never went outside, or worse, went outside and never came home.  One day….
Anywho, today is gorgeously hot again but, after being seriously stupid yesterday and FRYING myself in Kensington Gardens, I am confined to inside/the shade today…Really annoying as I love nothing more than lounging the sun,  Have learnt my lesson big time-factor 50 next time for sure. 
Hey ho, brunch in the shade and spending a topshop voucher isn’t all bad…..

New job starts tomorrow…have had that good, exciting sense of fear all weekend.  Getting nervous but can’t wait to get started and throw myself into something I love…..Fingers Crossed!