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Have been missing in action for a little bit now-all been a bit mad recently.  I’ve just got a new job (seriously excited about new role as a fashion assistant at unnamed glossy) and went home last weekend for some serious downtime after a pretty stressful few days…so after hibernating at home (and eating a lot of GU tiffins whilst watching old, TV movies on sky) I’m now back and going to try and be much more proactive with FMN. 
Seriousl have Friday feeling today-after early yoga sess I’m plotting wine, al fresco food and friends.  So, quuick inspiration post a few bits and pieces I’ve collected on my travels through the blogsphere…The obsession with E.Wasson definitely showing no sign of receding.
Done a few blogs at SheerLuxe recently, Click Here to have a look.
source:studded hearts, knightcat, jak and jil and maybe a few more….