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Happy Homes and Horrible Hairdressers

Found all these amazingly inspiring pics on ETC, Le Fashion’s sister blog.  I love nice spaces and am secretly, or now not so secretly, addicted to home and interiors magazines and love catching glimpses of amazing rooms whilst sitting on the top deck of the bus….I love the way the unmade beds in these pics just make the pictures look even better (though I have to admit I am definitely a bed-maker-kind of anal) and that Hermes tray and all that’s on it, the silver skull being my fave,  is almost too good to be true.  The well worm Chloe boots just at the bottom of the Hermes pic make me think that whoever inhabits that gorgeous abode is definitely a girl after my own heart too….  
So Saturday morning, slightly fuzzy-headed and heading for the hairdressers.  Now normally I like the hairdressers-a sugary cup of tea with those little wrapped, caramelised biccies, catching up on celeb gossip magazines guilt-free, a nice head massage and coming out with cleanest smelling hair ever (only with a slightly dodgy blow dry). Today however was different.  Sulky, grunting hair dresser who washed my hair so aggressively and angrily told me to ‘move my head up’ before haphazardly chopping into my hair as if she was after an asbo.  Didn’t offer me a drink and pulled and scraped at my hair so hard it hurt…no yummy lotus biscuits for me and definitely no tip or return custom for her this morning.  Am now consoling myself with tea, biscuits and Masterchef at home….