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Far Far Away…

I think the title of this post sound a little melodramatic and kind of sad, but I suppose it’s definitely more whimsical…Ever since going back to school on a Sunday night I always get a bit blue come sunday and just want to go to the cinema and zone out.   I was looking at lots of my old photos from my travels and holidays the other day and starting playing around with them and this is what I ended up with..I think a Sunday evening is the perfect night for this kind of post as it’s bit dreamy, nostalgic and definitely self-indulgent!  Had the greediest past 2 days for my nephews christening.  Cooked breakfast, 3 course supper last night with way too much wine….it was never ending! To finish the food marathon we had lemon tart with ice cream, brandy snaps and coulis for pudding at lunch today, only to have a huge slice of triple-layered chocolate cake 10 minutes after! Phew…Off to see Shutter Island at 8 so I will almost definitely top off the too-full-to-move weekend with pick and mix at the cinema!  Yoga is a duty not an option this week…(and yes, I did steal that slogan from the recycling lorries!)