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Proenza Schouler

From the good girl with a rock and roll edge, to Wednesday Adams on Acid….If Proenza Schouler’s spring summer collection could be summaried as ‘Surf’s up’, their new A/W collection could be called ‘when edward (scissorhands) met Patti (Smith)…in tie dye’.  Ok, not the punchiest of summaries but I think it does the job.  I hate to say it, but I really didn’t like some of the models they cast in the show, but this definitely didn’t detract from some of the amazing looks that tore down the runway.  Just like Philip Lim, Proneza Schouler showcased some epic shoes teamed with mini mesh dresses and thick fur-trimmed coats with blue/green hues that reflected their last much-coveted tie-dye collection.  More than anything, I’m glad to see the pale and intersting goth look is back with attitude for A/W 10, only this time black leather and mesh is given a techno overhaul with oceanic tones and technical prints.  Crushed velvet leggings and graphic prints in aqua blues and greens create a ‘new goth’ look that takes it’s attitude from the mean streets of New York and 80s pop culture references, rather than Dracula and black and white horror movies.  Gothic black lace is exchanged for sheer mesh and long black coats are swapped for cropped jackets with an almost nautical feel which continued the ‘surfer in the city’ theme they impressed with back in September. I love the fact that this collection is a real extension of Proenza Schouler’s last, only with an injection of grunge for winter.  WOW!!!!!