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Burberry Prorsum A/W 10

Who needs sunshine and bikinis when you could have shearling coats and sheepskin flying jackets by the infallible Burberry Prorsum.  After longing for longer days and sunny mornings, Burberry’s amazing collection has reawakened in me a love for chilly winds and log fires…Clearly Khaki and military earthy tones are here to stay and there’s a real russian army vibe going on, which I’ve noticed in a few collection so far.  Think this winter will be a big mix of traditional highland tweeds and Russian military tailoring and detailing, softened with bits of wispy lace and draping, flowing fabrics that move like a dream….I’m excited already.  And of course, Burberry pulled in an epic front row…any show that pulls the Olsens over the pond deserves a round of applause.  
But, looking ahead to summer….booked my summer hol today to Greece today with freddie.  Whoooo!  I’m looking for a half price Missoni bikini and plotting my (imaginary) yoga routine already.