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Love for Marc

Wow, it has been a while.  Since starting my new job on the 4th I’ve been super lazy and it’s literally been a cycle of work followed by crashing out on the sofa…However, I am determined to drag myself out of my tv coma and start posting again, purely because it means I have an excuse to spend long periods of time going cross eyed in front of my laptop, finding amazing blogs, cool images and new photographers.  So here is my latest find, a certain Marc Pilaro…I have no idea if I am really late findign out about this guy or if he’s still relatively unknown but either or, I am loving his ediotrials.  Of course, it helps that he’s done an editorial one

faves, Dree Hemingway, but I also love his shots of Missy Rayder and Sofia and Yana.  Here’s a few that’ll hopefully get you going too.  Check out his Site here if you want more..