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There’s a hole in my pocket Delia, Delia…

I go through phases wth shopping; sometimes I am so frugal it hurts and can be pretty happy with my lot for a few weeks, wearing the same thing several times over unfazed…other times I just can’t stop.  Seeing as it’s the end of the month financially I am only looking right now but, scarily, am making a huge mental list of what I will rush out and get as soon as funds permit.  This little lot are just doing cartwheels in my head at the moment…the pictures are pieces from ebay I’m hoping to win-I’ve had my fingers crossed for a full 5 days for that Moschino belt) whilst the other stuff is mostly topshop, an Asos velvet playsuit on ebay and the tweed coat is warehouse.  I am not a warehosue frequenter but this coat is just amazing.  I tried it on yesterday and it made me feel way more sophisticated than I actually am (anyone who knows me knows I can wear white for a maximum of ten minutes before spilling ketchup/coffee/toothpaste down myself) which is always an acheivement.  I am also frantically hunting a Zara copy of the Wang coco bag I saw a girl carrying the other day (yes, I cornered her on the tube and demanded she tell me where, and crucially when she purchased said bag).  Why oh why don’t Zara have online shopping?!  It’s so cold I just want to shop from under the duvet today damnit, but I’ve been given the day off today so I will carry on my pursuit…I swear I can actually feel my empty pockets burning!