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Scot Schuman has such an amazing eye for style but what i really love is that he sees style everywhere, and not just in the overtly fashionable.  I love the fact he’s recently posted images of cowgirls and boys and a homeless man on his much coveted blog The Satorialist, proving his incredible appreciation of ascetisim.  These are just a few of my favourite shots up on his blog right now…my current favourite muse from the site is Amir Toos (crazy hair, caveman beard and impeccable taste in a nutshell).  I have a sneaky suspicion Scott might be slightly taken with him too as he’s recently posted an insightful Q&A with Amir as well as numerous street style shots.  But can you blame him…?  Even his name is cool.  I also nearly melted when I saw that the pic second from top is named ‘Garnace at work’…surely the most relevant and coveted fashion couple on the planet right now? 
Source:The Satorilaist