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Isabel Marant

If you go by Isabel Marant’s Spring Summer 2010 collection, it’s out with glunge goth and full steam ahead with boho embellishment.  Goan Pirate meets Little House on the Praire was the vibe of the collection, and the bright colours, loose shapes and feather accessories were a welcome relief to the hard silhouettes that have been evrywhere recently.  Marant’s autum winter collection was my favourite collection of the whole season and her spring summer show definitely didn’t disappoint.  Shoulder pads and hareem pants were still key to the show’s looks, but Isabel Marant was one of the few collections that actually spoke of summer, in fact it positively shouted ‘grab your surfboard’!  It was almost a prettier, more exotic extension of Proenza Schouler’s graphic ‘surf’s up’ collection, only with a little less edge and lot more free spirit.  You can’t help but fall in love with the little nude dress Natasha Poly wore down the runway and the metallic notes to the skirts and baggy pantaloons.  My only disappointment was a distinct lack of a new version of the infamous studded, pyramid heeled ankle boots that stole the show in the Autumn Winter collection…looks like calf high are the way forward for summer-a daunting prospect for anyone who, like me, is a short ass with chicken legs.