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House of Holland

I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion week this year and, despite not being a fan Henry Holland’s brashy trashy style,  I was kind of excited about the ‘wedding of the year’ themed Spring Summer 2010 collection. Stylewise, I have more in common with Mortia Addams than Bananarama, so it’s probably unsurprising that Henry Holland’s love affair with neon and house-printed bold shouldered suits failed to give me goosebumps, but even a self-confessed colour phobe like myself couldn’t fail to smile at the camp as Christmas fun factor of the show. Huge wedges and ironic, retro prints that matched the rainbow wedding confetti inside the invitations, gave the show an outlandishness which only the cheeky Northern designer can pull off. Along with the bold and brash body-con neon lace dresses, there were some amazingly subtle lace pieces, including a delicate nude lace blouse and softly tailored lace blazer. When teamed with buckled and cut out denim, these lace pieces gave a real femininity and sexiness to looks that were 80s in origin and neo-grunge in aesthetic. Ignore the Christopher-Kane neon rip off and dodgy suits, Henry Holland once again showcased the loud and proud design he’s famous for whilst delivering the occasional demure surprise.  Great introduction to LFW..