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Fashion Her Now

Leather, bondage and bodycon and still hot to trot if one goes by these London revellers who are all still loving black patent bondage heels, pvc legings and biker jackets. However with summer looming all this darkness is sweetened up with girlish lace, opulent jackets or just lots of glossy locks. Charlie (second from top, left) showcases both denim and boyfriend blazers, two of this summers biggest trends, to create a casual and understated look. The neutral grey heels inject some chic to the look while the loose style and turned up sleeves of her vintage tan blazer keeps the look laid back and relaxed enough for a summer evening. I’m so jealous of that amazing jacket especially when she revealed it cost a mere two euros! The little lace dress I’m wearing (top) is over a year old and yet still feels just as current this summer as it did last year and is perfect with my trusty biker jacket. girly mini dress with lots of black…my standard go to. More Fashion Her Now (black tie) this weekend.