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A Tale of Three Tees

The humble t-shirt isn’t so humble in my mind. It makes fancy stuff less fancy and balances out anything more statement like those velvet, PVC and slinky items begging to be dressed down. Here are three favourite tees, three favourite […] 9 Comments Read more


Faux Pas

Producing, buying and finding good faux fur has become a mini-industry of its own over recent years, and I think I might have just found one of the best fluffball fake furs (and pretend suede on the lining) on the market. But when it comes to faux fur, do we in fact want it look real? 11 Comments Read more


Moons, Stars and Lucky Charms

I did these pics in London recently for one of favourite Aussie sites, Chronicles of Her and there’s also a little interview over there too, talking style vs fashion and a little known fact about me my family love to […] 19 Comments Read more


East Meets West

Dressing like Heidi circa 1979 while buying Pocky (new favourite thing) in Chinatown… London is a city made for culture clashes which might just be why I love it. I’ve realised that using a basket instead of a bag is the […] 23 Comments Read more


Thigh High Introverts

Think thigh-high boots and the first image that comes to mind might be something in the extroverted category. The very idea of over-the-knees is incredibly sexy, showy and far from wall flower attire... 21 Comments Read more

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All I Want For Christmas

  Christmas shopping. Love it or loathe it, it’s as inevitable as bad mulled wine and dodgy secret Santa presents at this time of the year. And while it’s fun dipping your toe into bricks and mortar Christmas shopping at […] 7 Comments Read more


Cherry Baby

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sakura, otherwise known as Cherry blossom. When I was trying and failing to be good at art at school, the only thing I half (emphasis on half) mastered painting was traditional Japanese blossom […] 18 Comments Read more


The Night Of

Tis the season of all things after dark and seemingly overnight, your wardrobe is likely feeling the need for all those night owl textures that feel slightly more decadent than your standard uniform of Levis, boots and silk shirt. 20 Comments Read more