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My Battle With the Blog

I feel like over the course of the last year or so I’ve been in a constant state of flux with the blog. It’s the backbone of everything I do now; without this humble little website, I wouldn’t have had half the opportunities I’ve had to date. Writing is still a great love of mine and it gives me a much-loved outlet for my styling and photography. Travel, beauty, clothes and chit chat about everything else all have their place on here which is so damn cool, as the reason I wanted to blog full time was having the ability to write about just about anything I wanted. After I first quit my regular job almost four years ago (how has it been that long?!), I was posting on my blog three times a week without fail, working really hard to hone what I did. But slowly, as things got busier and busier offline and on social media – so weird to think instagram didn’t exist when I first started blogging- the amount I’m able to write and shoot jumbo posts has dwindled. I still try and post at least once a week but it’s a weird source of guilt for me even though it’s been this way for a long time now. It’s ironic that often it’s when I’m busiest professionally that my output online and on social media is at its quietest.

Guilt seems to be such a by-product of success sometimes. When you start doing better in one segment of work or life, you start feeling guilty about neglecting another or just developing and moving on. Working on different design projects and collaborative partnerships, while also trying to reclaim my weekends and evenings occasionally for a personal life (hallelujah), often means that there’s little time to just sit, get inspired, take pictures and write about something I love. It’s sad but true and it really sucks because it was doing just that that got me into blogging in the first place. One thing I find harder than ever especially in mid-winter is writing about clothes strangely. All my brain wants to say sometimes is ‘I LIKE THESE JEANS’, hence why I thought I’d turn this post into something more of a musing if you will. It sometimes feels like I get to that point when I’ve worn every jumper and coat a hundred times which feels kind of uninspiring and unrelenting. I’ve been trying lately to round outfits up into more themes and ideas than just singular entities, more for me than anything else as it makes writing that bit easier when it’s thematic.

Anyway, I’m deliberately trying to get back to basics this year and into the swing of blogging and video-ing above all else. Would be great to hear what have been your favourite posts lately or the kind of content you like on here the most…  Always good to have positive feedback to keep the momentum going if you will and push through the winter rut.

What do you guys do to stay motivated and inspired when it’s cold and bleak outside?



Jacket | Mango 
Jeans | Mango
Jumper | Tory Burch 
Boots | Joseph (Similar here)
Bag | Loewe 


Ph. by Frances Davison 



  • Lucy

    Such a longtime fan of you and your blog! Personally love your travel posts- especially travel wish list (which I think you did back in 2014/2015??). Really inspired me to travel to a few of the places on your list! Also enjoyed your food/recipe posts. Would LOVE a house tour- but I know that takes time as well! Also really liked the interviews you’ve done in the past- with fitness/foodie people. I always love seeing how more corporate professionals fit in fashion to their wardrobe. Totally loved your book club!! Xxx

  • Emma

    Oh I know the feeling! Back when I started blogging in 2008 I used to blog about four times a week, nowadays I try to aim for twice a week but I’m lucky if I manage once.

    I really look forward to your posts, and I honestly think its a matter of quality over quantity. I really enjoy reading your blog and don’t mind if you’re posting less frequently as the content is consistently great (whereas I think some blogs that try to post multiple times a week end up churning out content purely for the sake of it)

    In regards to which content I like the post …. I’m going to be controversial and say that I actually don’t come to your blog for fashion posts as much as I do for your other content. I love your travel content; how you write about and photograph the places that you visit gives me serious wanderlust. I also look forward to any of your ‘lessons’ posts and your hair/beauty recommendations. I still love your fashion content, but I just don’t find myself as interested in fashion anymore in general (I also really love how you work fashion + travel in together)

    I have to admit that I’m missing your book club at the moment – will you be continuing it for 2018?


  • This jacket and these jeans go so well together!! I love the pop of red of the sweater. Great casual style inspiration!!

  • Rachel

    Hi Lucy, it’s great how honest this post is. I have to say your blog is one of the few that I actually follow because your content is always interesting and well written, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into every post, the photography is beautiful and it goes without saying that you personal style is always inspiring. Keep it up because blogging world would be far less interesting without you in it.

  • Firstly, I love your outfit in these pictures!
    Secondly, this was such a refreshing read and I really appreciated the honesty that went into writing it.
    Personally, I love your travel posts the most, but always find inspiration from your style posts too! ✨

  • Tess

    Hi Lucy
    I love reading your blog! Yours was the first blog I started reading and I come back to it constantly. You’re style and photography is immensely inspiring and I love how you mix everything from fashion, to lifestyle, to travel to book clubs. I know I can always come here and find something interesting to read and be inspired by.
    I particularly love your summer style. I am going travelling in India later in the year and would love to know what your must have fashion/beauty/tech items are!

  • Kim

    I would love for you to do a post on your puppy! I have a 9 week old pup and so would find this very interesting to see how. You have adapted and the challenges that you have found with owning a dog!
    Also beauty and make up are my favourite posts of yours and I would love for you to contilinue u tube too? Like a daily vlog?!

  • An Thuý Triệu

    I do check your blog often and see you don’t post as often as you used to anymore. But it’s life and as a long time blog reader who also has a blog and a life, I totally understand and relate to what you have shared here! Looking forward to more styling videos and blog posts of course! Take care!
    An Trieu

  • Ciara

    Hi Lucy,
    I love your blog and unashamedly check daily for new posts. When I’m looking for holiday ideas I always end up here scrolling through your years of documentation for inspiration or just general wanderlust. I value your health and beauty posts a lot, have tried many new brands through your recommendations, and most crucially your post on Tailored By No 5 introduced me to Lee and my hair’s best friend ever since. I agree with Emma below that your fashion posts are what I come here for least, not because I find them uninspiring or repetitive (I too LOVE jeans) but I suppose maybe because I follow you on instagram so get a good insight into your outfits through there and am personally trying to shop less and always find myself wanting everything you post even if I cannot afford it.

    My absolute favourite has been your book club in the last year. I don’t think I had ever commented on a blog post in my life before you started it and yet I got very involved in it. I read a lot (I work in publishing) but I love having new recommendations from people who have similar tastes. Even the books I didn’t enjoy, I am glad I read them and got involved on here with the. It is so easy for me to read through books I read for personal pleasure and end up not considering why I did and did not like them, having to do it so much at work, that I forgot how much I enjoy writing down how I felt about it. I do hope it will be returning.

    I think the reason I enjoy your blog so much (you’re the only blog I properly follow) is that your content always feels honest, not overly trying to push products. You seem to always enjoy or care about what you are writing about and I would prefer getting good quality, beautifully shot interesting posts sporadically then regular monotonous sales pitches. But mot importantly of all do whatever makes you happiest. X

  • Brooke R

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever come upon one of your posts that I didn’t enjoy! Personally, outfit posts are my favorite. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone out and bought or hunted down a similar item just because you happened to style it in one of your posts. I would really love a post on outfits to wear when going out during the chillier months – something I always struggle with. Any interior design posts are always a joy as well! At the end of the day, as long as you continue to post I’m happy :)

  • julie boye-hansen

    Well stay true to yourself, because that is what we love. I only discovered your blog/ instagram short time ago, but you are one of my favorits because the naturalness. No blog post even though it is a colab, seem put-on. I enjoy the diversity, Fashion, travel, etc. I like the way you take fashion post a little diffrent like the on about being sexy on another way.

    Maybe you could have someone “guest” the blog, some of the followers, friends etc. Maybe writing a blog post together, alone or to the other part. Also I did see on your instagram working with mango, the set-up and you instastary made me curious to see more about that.
    Well have fun.

    Xx Julie

  • Daria

    Hi Lucy. My favourite posts are mood boards and monthly favourites and anything related to travel. Having said that, I really think your blog is different and better than most fashion blogs I come across, because you can tell a milion miles away that you really work on the content. I enjoy reading all your posts amd it doesn;t matter if it;s one or 3 a week, because it’s worth waiting to read a good post. :)

  • Emilie

    Hi Lucy,

    You scared me with that blog title tbh! I LOVE your blog and I totally agree with all the comments here saying your content always feels so well-though and ‘deep’ compared to other fashion/travel blogs. I absolutely adore your photography and even if you would post three outfit posts about jeans in one week, I would still want to look at it. You are actually one of the few bloggers I still follow on their actual blog instead of only on social media, because your posts always inspire me so much and I can keep scrolling through here for hours! It’s also great that you post about different subjects instead of just fashion or travels, me for instance I always very much enjoy your bookclub or beauty posts. So please don’t stop posting!

  • Victoria

    I definitely enjoy your travel posts the most. I also love your lessons posts and miss the travel wish lists! Recipes would be very interesting too. I would love to know how to make the butternut risotto you mention in your bio! You are my favourite blogger and I think that’s because you are authentic.

  • I love your writing and your instagram equally and differently! As for what I do to stay motivated in bleak weather, it’s very cliché, but I wear blazers! There is something that is so motivating about dressing “the part” when I don’t “feel the part”. I can even keep my cozy sweater on underneath and get the best of both worlds!

  • I get that uninspired feeling you get during the winter, I’m tired of jeans and sweaters by now but they’re all I can wear without freezing :(
    I always love your outfit and travel posts, they’re always so natural and easy yet inspiring. Hope to see more this year!

  • Elisha Maè Iveson

    SUCH a beautiful outfit – everything you put out there is great Lucy, don’t be too hard on yourself. Whether it’s gorgeous jewellery or a bloody good blog post, I love it all!

    Elisha-Mae |

  • Ugh, winter is the worst. I mean, I love the fashion, but it is such a struggle with blog posts for me too. I am literally in jeans, a jumper, boots or the same sneakers and the same jacket everyday. I should try to be more interesting but that is all I pull on. Then I try to take photos and the only windows I have to shoot with a photographer, it rains, non stop. Then I feel guilty, start to obsess over the other hemisphere with their summery photos and become a grump. Haha. It all sounds so dramatic but actually true! I wish I could be one of those girls who wears her summer dresses in winter with no issue but that doesn’t happen as much as I’d like.
    Having said all of that, the basics are actually great. I love being a jeans and tee girl! So what if you share the same stuff, jeans that are just slightly different from another pair worn with the same boots and coat but a different bag etc. It shows value in the things you buy, it’s real and honest. So what if you have worn the same button down shirt for four years? If it ain’t broke… :)
    I love the beauty, travel, chatty and beauty posts you do. Plus I want to hear about adjusting to life with your new puppy! I’d love to get one, but wonder if my small apartment life would be too cramped. Anyway, though it is a lot of work, please keep posting but don’t worry too much about three times a week, quality over quantity is good. You need time to live your life, get inspired and then feel ready to write.
    xx Jenelle

  • Susan

    Everything has it’s ups and downs, highs and lows.
    Don’t worry about it, or feel guilty, just write when you have something to say, not because of a schedule.

  • This was such a much needed and inspirational post!! I have to definitely agree with you when it comes to being at our busiest, but leaving our social and social media lives in the dust. However I do feel as though times out are necessary, no matter what. As times out to ourselves are the times when creativity is at it’s height, and we’re actually able to think in normal terms, compared the internet terms of ‘I need to post this’, ‘I need to schedule that’, ‘I need to create a draft’ etc.

    This was such a perfect post girl!! Thank you for sharing x

    Millie x

  • WoW!!! I like this you look! Very nice!