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Fashion Me Now, meet Youtube

I’ve been thinking about starting to do a bit of video content here and there for a while and I finally got round to doing just that. I’m learning on the job with this. After years of trying to hone image editing, instagramming and blogging, suddenly I’m a total novice again when it comes to video. But there’s something kind of fun in that. I’m really enjoying starting from scratch and being able to crate content in a more flowing, chatty way rather than having to get each shot just right. Instagram stories really gave me the push to do this as I love the feedback and interactivity there is on there, plus filming with other people has always been so fun. The video I did with my wonderful friend Liv Purvis recently finally gave me the push to stop talking about it and just do it. I kept thinking I needed to launch with ten perfect videos, a trailer and it be this whole big shebang, which really is just a great way of putting of starting altogether. So instead, I’ve started with one video and will carry on adding them as I go. Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this little video I created to get the new walking and talking ball rolling….

Please do subscribe on Youtube as, a) I won’t always be publishing videos on here, and b) it would mean the absolute world to me. I want Youtube to be becomes it’s own entity and a whole new space that’s separate from the blog but still in the same spirit as Fashion Me Now. I already have another more style-focused video in the pipeline for the next few weeks so if that’s more your bag, never fear, there will be plenty of that to come.

This feels kind of scary but also really exciting. Looking forward to finding my feet with this and making lots more in the future. Thanks so much in advance if you take the time to watch, you babes make the Youtube nerves worth it!

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Filming | Frances Davison 
Editing | Rosie Lord 



  • Sophie Nesbitt

    YAAAAAAAS! Literally for so long “when will FMN do YouTube?!” Finally! Really looking forward to this :)

  • Samantha Serbus

    Oh yay!!! I’ve been so excited to see how your video turned out! Great job! Very no frills & to the point. Love it. Also great commentary. Just like your writing, you keep it very personable & it sounds as though you’re just talking casually to a friend. So glad you made the “YouTube leap” & can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Bravo!

    • Thank you so much. Such a nice comment and a lovely boost for this slightly nervous new youtuber :) xx

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Kay Nguyen

    Love your video! Your skin looks amazing btw <3

  • Jess Oulton

    This is so refreshing to see! I loved the quality of the video and sound. My only suggestion would be to list the products you used afterwards or in the post that accompanies the video. Well done though, really enjoyed it.

  • Carly

    So excited to see you doing YouTube videos. You’re a breath of fresh air! Is your Coach moto jacket still available? Been looking for one for quite some time now…

  • Hello Lucy, I totally like your blog and you have a really cool style. In the video you use the Nars Multiple Tint – what color are you using? Best regards, Katrin

  • Josie

    Super happy that you’ve started a YouTube channel, just made my day!!! Really concise, fab commentary and overall a really good video!!!

  • When I saw your video pop into my subscription box I watched it instantly; I loved it!! Can’t wait for you to create more :)

  • Iam so so excited to see what you have in store for us, keep up creating your wonderful content, your blog is one of my favourites! Frankie x

  • Amber Cantwell

    Love this, more videos please Lucy!

  • Ιωάννα Κωνσταντίνου

    I’m so excited you decided to start uploading on your youtube channel! I recently discovered you from the video you did on “what Olivia did” and absolutely love your blog! xx

  • Maxine

    Love Love Love THIS!! Also, as you, I’m off to LA soon and I’d love if you could do a post with “things I always buy in the States” kinda thing! Would be so cool to see what your faves are to stock up on while you’re there (both beauty and clothing brands!) Cheers for the endless inspo and for keeping it real in this world of fake bloggers (love your instastories) xxx M

  • Sylvie Mullens

    So happy you have started to do youtube videos as I love watching your insta stories!

  • Sam Brown

    Love the video. Well done on your first one :)

  • MJ

    So glad you have leapt into the world of YouTube! Great first video :) xx

  • Bragan

    I adore you, Lucy! I just can’t get enough of your content, and I am thrilled that you have shared more of your world with us through YouTube. :)

  • An Thuý Triệu

    oh, I’m so excited! Def. sub!!!
    An Trieu

  • Absolutely loved this video, Lucy! Can’t wait to see more xx

  • Loved the video! It also lead to the discovery of an interview you did with SheerLuxe – you’re so authentic and genuine and I’m so excited to hopefully see more videos from you xx

  • Sarah Clark

    Loved this Lucy! So great. And nice to see someone presenting something about more natural makeup, but also in a more natural, informal (presenting) style too. I normally find anything beauty related pretty boring I have to say…
    I just have one question for you: which shade of the Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg Multiple Tint do you wear?


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