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Time for Christmas


I haven’t been all that festive on the blog this year but now it’s time to head home for the holidays and indulge in some serious Hygge (which, don’t be fooled, is essentially code for candles and blankets) and Christmas rituals. I’ve learnt this year that downtime really is just as important as on time and for many of us, the week surrounding December 25th is one of the only times we fully try and re-charge the batteries a bit. It might not be a detox for the body, but letting go and doing exactly as you please, even if that means living horizontally on tea and chocolate money for a week, is definitely a detox for the soul. We are so very guilty of jokily using the term ‘workaholic’ as a tongue-in-cheek positive affirmation, a badge of honour if you will for driving ourselves into the ground with some sense of warped pride. And just to be clear, there is a huge difference between working really hard for a period of time (no one likes a slacker) and being an actual workaholic which has a negative impact on your whole life and you as a person.  In our go-go-go, goals-orientated western world we far too often measure our own self-worth on work achievements, feeling guilty when we’re not working, guilty when we are and are sometimes too busy to eat, sleep or indeed, be merry. Essentially it’s a downward spiral from there because, as everyone knows, nothing good comes from feeling guilty, tired and generally shit about yourself. Once you go down that slippery slope, your self-esteem is entirely based on external factors and others opinions rather than inside yourself, and the age-old adage of ‘no one can make you happy but you’ really is worth remembering.

What I’ve realised over the last year or two is that being deemed a ‘success’ by others isn’t the route to happiness. Success means so much more than work and instagram likes and pay cheques. Leading a successful life is about learning, kindness, the people you surround yourself with and how you can make them feel, time away from laptops and phones (I’m rubbish at this), living for the now as much as we possibly can and doing what you love whilst not letting it define you. I’ve realised that when I (hopefully) look back in forty years time, it will be everything between the meetings, projects and work stuff that I’ll remember the most. I’ll remember the travel I got to do through my job of course and might show my grandchildren some of my blog pictures or press clippings (which they will no doubt cringe at), but I reckon if you spoke to any 80 year old this Christmas and ask what their most cherished memories are, it would be something simple, something to do with family or a person they love and nothing at all to do with late nights in the office. Obviously there are bills to pay and I still have dozens and dozens of things I want to achieve professionally to keep me going for the next few decades (plus, I’ll admit I do have a little bit of a weakness for nice hotels, bags and good sheets), but I think it’s beyond important to pull your head out from the self-imposed black hole occasionally and see what’s right in front of you before it’s gone for good. I have another post coming soon that goes into way more of this but this is just what’s sitting at the forefront of my mind right now as Christmas fast approaches and we head into 2017.

This time of year means being grateful for what we have and those people that bring us all the good feelings, giving gifts both in words and deeds and kicking back for some much-needed self-care too. Not only is downtime a must all year round for our health and the maintenance of real, deserving relationships outside of work, but for me it’s also a must for staying inspired and in the right head space for enjoying what I do. Even, and maybe especially, if you work in a creative field, the need to stay creative in your free time is a must. Exhibitions, old movies you’ve always meant to watch, cooking something inventive, magazines you’ve never bought before or just walking around a different area of London all actually help to make us work better the rest of the time. Although, just as important is going to the pub with friends or laughing till you cry over stupid stuff that you won’t remember the next day. It’s when I let this slip thanks to believing the myth of having ‘no time’ that I start doubting what I’m doing and what I have to offer. Learning to truly relax is innate to some, and for others, a muscle that needs to be routinely exercised to know how to work. Lazing around with magazines and a shrine of candles is the ultimate way for me to reconnect with what I love and who I am. Case in point, Larsson & Jennings’ latest issue of its new magazine Twenty Six. The theme of this issue is the night sky which, needless to say, I’m kind of obsessed with being a star-gazer, moon charter and wonderer of ‘what’s actually up there’. They also made a beautiful film to mirror the magazine’s interest in the constellations which I loved. On top of the magazine flipping, here’s what’s on my anti to-do list this Christmas…

Watch It’s A Wonderful Life and cry
Watch Love Actually and cry
Watch Home Alone while wrapping presents to feel better after watching the previous two
Try and fail to be allowed to cook in mum’s kitchen
Eat Lindt Christmas decorations off the tree around the clock
Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on Christmas morning
Bath in copious amounts of salts and oils on a daily basis. Candles mandatory
Spoon my dogs morning, noon and night. Give zero f*cks about dog hair on just about everything I own
Buttery carbs at every meal
Daily crossword completion with my dad
Leave my phone in my room
Get round to starting some of the many books I’ve been hoarding off Amazon
Sleep in past 9 (I can’t actually remember the last time I did this)

lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-9 lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-8 lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-3 lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-13lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-2 lucy-williams-lj-december-2016-12

Tee | Redone
Jeans | Redone
Cardigan | Filippa K
Watch | Larsson & Jennings
Cashmere socks | Jac & Jack
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Bracelets | Lucy Williams X Missoma
ose gold bracelet | Auree Jewellery 


Ph. by Frances Davison 
Created in collaboration with Larson & Jennings 



  • Hattie

    Well done Luce. When I’m home with the people I want to be with, my phone often gets left by the front door on the way in all weekend. Such an important detox – so crucial to move your mind to other places xxxx

  • viktoria

    Love every single shot! amazing work

  • Simply beautiful! :)
    Merry Christmas.

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Liena Snow

    Great post and amazing shots! Love it!

  • Ev
  • Loved this Lucy, and oh so true. This last year or two i’ve noticed my health really being affected by the hours i put into work and running my blog full time too. i’m getting to the point now where a better balance is key, and not just at Christmas :)


  • Frances Kayleigh

    Love love love this ! I’m so pleased that bloggers are finally recognising that everyone needs breaks no matter how hard it is when you’re your own boss xx

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Love this post Lucy – it’s so important to appreciate the little things and the nuances of the day. Am also learning the sheer brilliance of just leaving your phone in the other room and tucking into a good book rather than scroll the net :) Merry Christmas xx

  • Beautiful post, Lucy! This time of the year is so reflect and take time for ourselves. I agree that the western world is obsessed with being busy, when in reality it hurts our mental health to take on too much than we can handle. Finding a balance between work and play is true success.

  • Lilah

    I adore your list, Lucy. I think I’m going to follow it also. PS I’m bummed that your necklace is sold out. I was just thinking about ordering.. Happy holidays!

  • Emily Louise Salomon

    You’re almost right about Hygge. But it should be something like “…candles and blankets AND treats/chocolate/cake/comfort food” ;) Merry and Hyggelig Christmas from Denmark

  • Feeling this way, too. I’ve already put on my out-of-office; I need time to do what makes me smile and remember what’s important, and sleep!

    Have fun hyggering it up at home with people who really matter.

    Vikki, xx

  • Tonya Smith

    That watch is soo stunning!! I love this cozy outfit!

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely loving it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Such a beautiful post!! Loved reading, and hope you have an lovely Christmas and rest of the week x

    Millie x

  • Bloggers Issue

    Hi lovely,

    Your blog post will be featured in Bloggers Issue Magazine.

  • So glad I discovered this post because it’s absolutely what I needed to read right now. You’re so right that we all deserve true downtime. It would be so amazing to actually leave my phone in my room and forget about it. Wouldn’t that be the dream? It’s crazy to think we’re so attached to our phones but we really are. Definitely love teh sound of buttery carbs at every meal, as well. Happy holidays!

    xoxo – Kelly

  • Mihaela

    Funny enough I was just watching a TED talk today about making time for what’s really important and I feel reading this has made even more of a statement. And since I believe everything happens for a reason, maybe this is a reminder that it’s time for me to do some more of the above-mentioned activities and stress less about work. Saying that, I just arrived at my parrents house in the West Midlands and I’m about to enjoy a couple of days away from the hussle and bustle (burning candles included). Happy holidays!

  • Jamie

    Thank you for the reminder. I moved to Sydney from London a couple of years ago, so my Christmas break will hopefully also include some beach time and a camping trip. I definitely intend to do lots of reading, including finishing The Little Paris Bookshop which I am loving so far, naps and generally taking care of myself. Weening myself off my iPhone will no doubt be an intention for 2017 and the holidays is the perfect time to begin. Merry Christmas!

  • Such a lovely post!

    Have you ever read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***? I think you’d love it! Definitely put not giving an eff about worrying about eating healthy as I’d like over Christmas, bring on the Quality Street!

    Heather x

  • Love the casual, comfy, cozy look here! Can you tell me about the sizing on that REDONE tee?