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Black and White and Red All Over


Like wearing a red lip without the teeth stains and accidental hair dye (just me?!), this sweater might the favourite thing I’ve bought this month.

My spending has been almost entirely focused on my new house for the last few months so little additions like this make all the difference. Frilly-edges, trumpet-sleeves and ribbed, super soft fabric; I’m obsessed. I’m going to be layering it under slip dresses (I want a long one in caramel) and camisoles too and just let those sleeves do all the talking.

As a 50/50 introvert/extrovert I feel like this whole look kind of sums me up. A little bit ‘look at me’ but mostly ‘can I blend into the background please’. The combination of the two seems to be the story of my life and a tricky one to navigate but sartorially at least, it seems as though I’m consistently navigating that tricky middle ground. So for now at least, I’m happy being a lady in a little bit of red.


fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-5 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-6 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-7 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-12 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-10 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-8 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-3 fashion-me-now-zara-topshop-gucci-levis-celine-4Top | Zara
Jeans | Levis Wedgie Jeans
Boots | Topshop
Bag | Gucci
Ring | Pilgrim
Earrings | Whistles
Sunglasses | Celine

Ph. by Frances Davison