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August Favourites


Asos cactus PJs | Taking that succulent obsession to the next level….


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No197 Chiswick Fire Station | The most ‘grammed place in West London right now (probably something to do with the pink velvet sofas) and it’s not all style no substance; the food is seriously good. Try the pink grapfruit and ginger lemonade in the garden on the hot day or truffle Mac & Cheese with a side of garlic green beans on a grey day.


In Transit Essentials | A few new in-flight potions at the ready for several long haul journeys next month… Spray-on moisturiser and a soothing muscle roll-on made for heavy, tired legs and stiff necks. Thanks for thinking of everything ThisWorks. Byredo’s Textile perfume is perfect for spraying on after a long flight and is lighter and less intense than traditional Eau de Parfum and made for spraying onto clothes as well as skin. Smells seriously good too.

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Box Sets Old & New | In the last couple of months, I’ve managed to binge watch the entirety of Gilmore Girls for the first time ever (I know, I know) and devour Stranger Things. Well done Netflix, well done.

Don’t think I’ve ever loved a show and its characters like I did with Gilmore Girls. Ok, maybe Friday Night Lights came close but it really is like mashed potato for the soul and I have a feeling I’ll be dipping into it for years to come on down days. Any other losers out there already counting down the days to the new season in November?! Team Jess & Rory 4eva too.

And if you grew up on a diet of the Goonies, Never Ending Story and E.T as a kid, you can’t not love Stranger things and its Dungeons & Dragons-inspired sci-fi 80s storyline and aesthetic, complete with choppers, dodgy hairstyles and synth soundtrack. Eleven might be the coolest 11 year old ever (so excited to see more of this little star) and being a bit of nerd, I loved the parallel universe concept at the root of it all. It’s shot beautifully too; those fairy lights and the shot above the salty paddling pool in the school gym really got the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

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Levis embroidered denim jacket | Embroidery is having a bit of a moment, not that you should ever need a reason to have rainbows, sharks and stars emblazoned all over you.


Christophe Robin | I am a total convert to this hair guru when it comes to products. I bought both of these in Paris at the start of summer and am bereft now the rose water thickening mist has finished… Both great for light blondes and fine hair as they don’t weigh it down and it keep it feeling light, fresh and beachy. Just how I like it.

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Rae Feather basket | I have wanted one of these monogrammed baskets for a long, long time and I finally have one in my clutches. I always thought I’d want a blue stripe but turns out I love the orange, partly because it looks so good next to bright, watery blues you’ll likely spend most of your holiday next to. Saying that, just as good in rainy England too.



My New Bathroom | We’re not in yet, but the new place is definitely getting there… After having sleepless nights over my choices for a while, I’m so happy with my marble herringbone and hexagon floor. I was worried it was going to feel a bit busy but it actually looks and feels really clean and zen. Can’t wait to share more pics of the flat revamp with you all soon…


Autumn boots and knits | I hate myself slightly for saying this but I am actually, dare I say it, kind of ready for Autumn. I will be taking this back rapidly by December I’m sure, but right now I’m ready for boots (these are a few new favourites ready for colder days), thick knits and maybe even a coat. Don’t hate me.

Red suede | Patent black | Biker boots | Gold buckle