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The Joy of Vintage


I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in bit of a rut lately, and the one thing that always helps cure sartorial discontent for me is rediscovering the joy of vintage.

I’ve been living in a safe uniform of jeans tees and flats. Nothing new there I hear you cry, but give it a while and it starts to drag. It’s not that I don’t like that formula but sometimes you just need a little bit of a boost to reconnect with what you’re actually all about, rather than just pulling on the same thing time and time again mindlessly. And as great as a new designer bag or a Topshop top feels, nothing beats the thrill of finding one-off, ‘where did you get that’ vintage gems.

Vintage shopping was the first kind of shopping I really got into. While at university, vintage was what gave outfits life amidst a sea of Topshop, Primark and H&M. Plaid shirts, denim jackets, ditsy-print tea dresses and white gypsy blouses have been my staple searches since I was 19 and yet these days, finding time to rummage through charity stores and trawl through ebay seems to get less and less by the day. I think this blog may have played a part in the demise of my vintage shopping if I’m honest. I know lots of people like to be able to buy stuff on blogs and not just something ‘similar’, plus I’ll admit I occasionally feel pressure to wear new things and keep the blog fresh rather than constantly boring you all with my aforementioned uniform.

But when I found myself with a spare hour in Paris recently, and Frances reminded me of one of the best vintage spots in the city Kiliwatch, I suddenly got that itch that could only be scratched with a good vintage find. This little broderie anglaise blouse felt deliciously 90s and I loved the girly frills in black. A week later in Corsica and I found this amazing basket, maybe one of my best straw-based buys to date. Put the two together (not forgetting those faithful jeans of course) and you’ve got pretty much a dream summer in the city ensemble for me.

So I hope you’ll forgive this little interlude and ode to vintage. I’ve rounded up a whole host of other black, broderie anglaise buys at the bottom just in case… Normal service will resume next time.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-2 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-7 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-16 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-10Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-6 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-5 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-4 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-18 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-14 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-7 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-9Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-13 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-15

Top | Vintage
Jeans | Redone (these are the Elsa ones cut at ankle)
Sandals | Ancient Greek
Basket | From Corsica
Gold necklace and bracelets | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Sunglasses | Rayban


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Ph. by Frances Davison 



  • Love the moderne vintage look. It’s always inspiring and never fades! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Loved this post, the bag and black top were great finds, and I truly believe that there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes on the blog, if anything it makes it seem more realistic! Not many people can afford to wear an outfit once and never look back, and it’s upsetting that the ‘blogging world’ kind of prompts people to stay fresh and up-to-date, when I’d rather stay true to myself and comfortable rather than chasing trends!

    Overall great post and cannot wait to see the next x

    Millie x

  • Brilliant casual look. Really love the broderie anglaise top.

  • Absolutely love this outfit. So simple and so stylish. :)
    Beth x

  • I can relate! Vintage and second-hand were my go-to in high school and college, and blogging has definitely upped the pressure to buy new pieces that your readers can have access to. Now I try to mix vintage and second-hand with newer items.

  • Really cute outfit! I wish I had the patience to vintage shop. But after working in the wholesale industry I got my dose of one-offs at sample sales, buying the samples I knew never made it to stores. xx

  • I love these movement shots!

  • Malu

    I am really loving this whole look from head-to-toe. It is very simple and casual, yet remains still very chic. It is giving me a lot of Jane Birkin vibes, especially with the straw bag that has been so popular this season. I love the minimal amount of jewelry with this look and think you pulled it off great. Great style yet again love!

  • Beautiful outfit!!

  • Kim

    Love your jeans!

  • I’ve been in a bit of a style rut recently and forgotten to turn to my local charity shops for a bit of a re-jig to my daily outfits! Certainly inspired me :-)

    Lovely photos!

    Heather x

  • I felt like this recently too, we have a huge lack of vintage stores here in my corner of the world. Still, bringing out my favourite vintage makes me feel much happier.

    xx Jenelle

  • love this blouse and jeans! xx

  • Andrea L

    Such a great post! I personally read blogs to get inspiration and not really to buy the stuff someone if wearing but you made a good point. A blogger has to make money of course and i understand that it can be difficult if you wear vintage… I wish i had some great vintage shops in my city! <3

  • I completely agree with feeling the pressure to always have new things, I’d love to be a fashion blogger as well as a few other niches but find it’s so hard when my little student loan does not accommodate for me to always have the newest things! I’m glad you managed to look into vintage clothing again, flourish in what makes you you and I’m sure people will be in awe of what gems you find, you never know it might encourage others to go for rummages!

  • Such an amazing look! Totally glad I’ve discovered your blog – such an inspiration!
    xx. Mirjam //

  • Pardon My Obsession

    This blouse is truly beautiful, such a great find ! I don’t really like vintage as much as you do, and I love Kiliwatch and their selection !

  • I’m normally not into fashion blogs because I find a lot of the looks unwearable (especially for a 5’3 curvy girl!) but I love love LOVE all your looks. So chic and casual. The bag here is amazing.
    Whiskey Tango Flat White | A lifestyle blog for real life

  • Grace

    Great find on the blouse! We are a big fan of vintage, check out these Henry London watches (link below) – They are vintage style watches with a beautiful story behind them, their designs were all inspired by a single vintage watch discovered at Portobello Road Market. All of their collections are appropriately named after districts in London, we think the Finchley Collection would look great on you!

  • Yolanda
  • Betty Laboz

    It being minimal makes you look very put together. Love it

  • Susan

    I love vintage shopping—it’s like a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find.

  • Leigh Ray

    Love this post!! The main reason I wear mostly all vintage is to stand out from the crowd. And what a thrill it is to go vintage fashion hunting and to find an amazing piece!! Love the bag and the entire look! Keep mixing it up <3


  • Bella lauren

    I love this vintage style outfit,really loving this whole look.