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Return of the Noughties


I was watching TV with my dad the other day (can’t remember what) and 1995 was mentioned, quickly followed by the fact it was over twenty years ago. We were both shocked. Surely not… 1995 is merely 10 years ago no? I think this is the true sign of being old. You start saying things like ‘surely not’ and agreeing with your dad on how time flies.

We’ve been re-loving the 90s for a while now, so long my generation Y brain can’t compute, but what about the much overlooked noughties? Let’s not forget that Rachel Green and her hair appeared in Friends until 2004 (and every damn day on Comedy Central) and that it was this decade that brought us Carrie Bradshaw and crew, The O.C, denim co-ords, asymetric everything and the old jeans-and-a-nice-top uniform championed by the entire cast of The Hills. Side note, I had a Diesel top from Tk Maxx that Kristen from Laguna Beach also had and felt like I’d reached fashion nirvana.

Yes in many ways, it might just be the decade that style truly forgot – even the 80s is being reimagined on the catwalks for God’s sake. But to me the noughties, will always have a special place in my heart… It was the decade of style mistakes and sartorial discovery, the decade when I bought pink suede kitten heel boots, I couldn’t go anywhere without GHD’s, a slither of midriff was a must and L.A’s it girls and pop queens took us down a fashion path no-one should tread.

Isn’t it time we stopped overlooking those golden years when jeans were a regular on the red carpet and rayban wayfarers (that I will love forever) came into our lives thanks to Sienna and Kate at Glastonbury. Slipping into this ribbed midi dress, knotting a denim jacket round me and carrying, let’s be frank, an ‘It’ bag L.C would be proud of, I can’t help but feel like a little bit of the early noughties is still with me. And if you’re wearing a stretch-jersey one-sleeved top this summer, don’t forget where that baby came from… We’ve all got the noughties to thank for something.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-10 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-5 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Outfit Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-7 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-8 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-6 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-3 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Return-of-the-Noughties-9

Black dress | Mango
Denim Jacket | Levis
Bag | Gucci
Trainers | Converse
Watch | Larsson & Jennings
Sunglasses | Toms

Ph. by Frances Davison 



  • Michèle

    this is just soooo good

  • Elena Holl

    I am just as shocked as you when I hear that 1995 is already 20 years ago.. 1995 is even my birthyear but 20 years sounds like such a loooong time…
    Love your casual outfit btw! :) <3 The chucks combined with the basic dress and the denim jacket look amazing!

  • I loved reading this post! It gave me so many good memories :) And yes, that outfit is on point, girl!

  • Sophie

    Love the Dionysus so much and the full suede is my favorite!

  • Love this look x

    Millie x

  • This look is stunning!! Love it!

  • Laura

    I love this post! Totally took me back to the jeans and cami top days with the pointiest boots ever…and my constant need to look like Rachel/Jennifer Aniston (although that has not changed) Great observation too, today it really is a mix of the nineties and the noughties….I just so wish I had not thrown away the Levis denim jacket, which was attached to me whilst doing my ‘A’levels!! xx

  • Perfect look!

  • Love this outfit! & I know what you mean about getting old :/ it blows my mind that teenagers where all born after 2000, in my head they’re still babies and kids born in the late 90s are teenagers. And there are still songs I love from the early 2000s and I can’t believe they’re almost 20 now!

  • Love the outfit, simple yet so good!!

  • Love this bag!


  • I definitely said ‘Surely not!’ when you said 1995 was 20 years ago. Can’t believe it! Love the noughts vibes in this outfit x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  • Xenia

    This outfit is what dreams are made of omg xox

  • Love the simplicity of this outfit, your bag is goals!! hahah
    Lauren Rose

  • Kim

    Cute outfit, your black dress and converse shoes are perfect together.


  • Love this look, can’t go wrong wrong with a lbd!

    Vikki, xx

  • viktoria

    Perfect look! in love with that bag

  • Andrea L

    awww i am so crazy about this look! 90´s …so much love!! <3

  • Looking fab lady

    Mel x

  • Looking great girl! as welll, i should ad..

  • burkerabe

    So fashionable style,jacket,bag,your back dress.

  • casual and stylish in the same time! love it!

  • Holly Parsons

    What shade is your denim jacket? Thanks so much!

  • In love with this outfit! Can’t believe 1995 was 20 years ago either, honestly feels like 10 years ago to me as well, haha!