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I’m currently searching for a new home and unsurprisingly, I’m already focused on what I’m going to do to the inside before I’ve even found a place. After just a few viewings and lots of online browsing, I’m realising compromise is mandatory and thus I’m trying to get inspiration as to how to tackle smaller, tricker spaces to maximise square footage and basically milk my little piece of London for all it’s worth.

I’ve been turning to Pinterest and favourite sites like Domaine Home and Jaclyn Paige for inspiration and am feeling positive in terms of what can be done and achieved within even the saddest of flats. Sometimes it’s all too easy to file away pretty pictures without really delving into what we like about them or what we can take from them. So right now I’m trying to be bit more analytical and use all that home inspo to learn actual lessons before embarking upon a project of my own.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 04

1. Faced with ugly 60s brickwork? Painting fireplaces can transform them into a modern focal point.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 13

2. I’m really into the idea of having different coloured kitchen units to add variety and interest. It looks so much more interesting than just one neutral tone I think.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 12

3. Another fireplace idea. Putting beautiful tiles around a feature-less fireplace can turn an empty nook into something so much more.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 11

4. I’m not sure how easy this would be to do but I love the look of the painted wood panelling. It makes simple, clean walls that bit more homely and interesting. Plus it makes your house feel like it belongs on the beach even if it’s in the middle of a city.

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5. This is something I’ll definitely be doing; a perspex or glass console table with woven baskets underneath for storage. It doesn’t make small spaces feel too cluttered but also provides much-needed places to shove random junk.

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6. Really into big, circular mirrors right now. This massive porthole-like mirror would look amazing in a hallway or bedroom to add an extra sense of depth and space.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 03

7. This is the kind of rail I’m hoping to get for my spare room-office. Love the copper piping and casters. After all, what’s the point of tucking all your beloved threads behind closed doors?

FMN | Home Hacks  - 02

8. You don’t need a whole room for a dining table. Just a small corner can be enough with the help of built-in-seating and a circular table. Plus you get to create even more sneaky storage with those drawers…

FMN | Home Hacks  - 07

9. I have a real thing for navy kitchens and am determined to be brave enough to do it myself. I love the brass hardware and the fact these owners kept the top cabinets white to stop the dark blue from being too much or oppressive. It also helps to elongate low ceilings.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 06

10. More hats than artwork? Yeah me too. So why not make them into the feature and get them out of the way while also decorating your hallway…

FMN | Home Hacks  - 10

11. I feel like I need one of these in my life, once again to make me feel like I’m that bit closer to the sea despite living in Zone Two. I also really like the idea of creating a covered porch bit which would mean you could eat, read or work out outside whatever the weather.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 09

12. Don’t save those antique mirrors for the living room. I love the idea of having something interesting and unique above the sink rather than a nondescript bathroom mirror.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 01

13. A great idea for spare rooms that are used infrequently. Turn a single guest bed into a day bed when it’s not being used so you’ve got an extra spot to watch TV, read or just hang out.

FMN | Home Hacks  - 14

14. Pot plants are normally saved for the living room but I love the idea of some greenery in the bedroom. But let’s be honest, this bedroom is just dreamy in every way….

Ph. via Pinterest, Domaine Home, Tumblr