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FMN | Midsommar - 18

I’ve always fancied a Swedish summer… I love the idea of lazy, long days spent lakeside with meatballs, salmon tartar and copious amounts of lingonberries eaten outside in the midnight sun. But in lieu of the archipelego, I decided to bring a Scandi tradition to my tiny London deck and hold my own Midsommar party at home.

Midsommar celebrates the longest day of the year, with wreath-making and white dresses being something of a tradition for those in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I needed an excuse to re-do our outside space after a winter of hibernation and so invited a few friends from the blogosphere round to drink, eat and make in honour of the longest day. I kitted my garden (optimistic word for our space but hey) out with a new chair and table set and quilted throws from Swoon Editions (well worth checking out if you need some new furniture at really reasonably prices), cushions from H&M and of course some much-needed greenery from Clifton Nurseries. 

I did my best Nigella and dished up chips and dip (and strawberries and salted chocolate brownies but forgot to take a picture), made jugs of mint and cucumber Cointreau Fizz for everyone and prayed for sun. The lovely ladies at florist Grace & Thorn came along to teach us how to make the flower head garlands, which turns out are much harder to make than I thought. I was transported back to art lessons at school where what was in my head never quite ended up being realised on paper, but thankfully this particular craft project was grade-free… We squeezed into my tiny backyard, wired flowers round our heads and I refilled the cocktail jugs more times than I can remember. You’ll probably already know the girls I had round but if not, we’ve got Alex, Anneli, Anna and Monica, all of whom I hadn’t seen in ages thanks to different schedules and lots of travelling.

Once finished, we decided to stretch our legs and took ourselves to Lisa’s (the best Swedish restaurant on Portobello Road) for a fish supper and pink wine. It might be downhill from here in terms of the days getting shorter but I’ve vowed to give my little bit of outside more TLC in the future… The best things come in small packages after all.

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Top | Zara
Jeans | Vintage
Thanks to Grace and Thorn for flower arranging with us and to Cointreau for providing the booze.
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  • Michiko Rinaldo

    love the flower crown, so beautiful with those fresh and bright flowers. and so jealous of that outdoor space, looks so cozy! beautiful photos!

    michiko |

  • What a perfect afternoon! I’m in love with your little garden and heading straight over to your pinterest to have a snoop at your interiors board and pin all of the things.

  • Olivia

    Obsessed with your blue cushions – are they from H&M – looked all through the website and can’t find them anywhere! Please help!

    • Sorry should have said. They’re Urban outfitters and should still be in stock xx

  • Julia_S

    Love the outdoor space! Do more interiors / design posts soon!

    • Noted – I’m hopefully moving to a bigger place by the end of the year so lots of DIY and decorating to come! xx

  • Heather

    Hi Lucy, where are your outdoor lights from? Love them!

    • They’re from The White Company – love them xx

      • Heather

        Lovely, thanks so much xx

  • Gabriella Granata

    After seeing your Instagram photos I was hoping you’d blog this!

    Your garden is SO pretty and boho, and way bigger than mine (a window box).

    Looks like a lovely, fun, girly day! xx

  • Teresa

    Love! your Setup. It looks so cozy and charming! Are the moroccan cushions travelsouvenirs or wehre did you get them from? They are too beautiful! Sry for my english..

    • I’m afraid they are – we bought them in Marrakech last year. Thanks for your comment though – glad you like them xx

  • Such a cute space! Cozy and warm wins over big and ostentatious any day in my book!

  • This looks like such a perfect evening! So cosy! X

  • A very cute small lounge space! :) An awesome space for making some awesome memories ;)

    x M. /

  • Beautiful flower crown! Such a cozy place <3
    Visit mine ❤️
    Flower or Crepe?

  • Alexandra Stedman

    Thanks for a lovely afternoon – Lisa’s is my new fave spot xx

  • The aesthetic is gorgeous, i feel like i need to put throws and cushions all over my flat now!

  • I love this.. your courtyard looks fantastic. So colourful! xx

  • Beautiful! Love the pillows and flower crowns!

  • This is the cutest, cosiest little back garden ever!



  • i’m dying for a swedish summer myself. this is such a cute idea to have your own midsummer party, especially with the creating for the floral head pieces. big love, x.

  • Mariana Sánchez

    This looks so cute! Im glad you had that idea!

  • Sarah Aufiero Shortridge

    Where is the black and white rug from? The one with the crosses