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FMN | Sanctuary  - 32

After a winter of working from home and general wear and tear, my home is in need of a refresh.

And while I’m looking for a new abode to move into later this year, I’m trying to add a few tweaks to our current rental in order to reinvigorate my love for home and feel a bit more house proud.

While I like my wardrobe to be monochrome, boyish and fairly minimal, I like my house to be warm, inviting and full of clean whites, scrubbed wood, vintage finds and colourful textiles. Below is a a mix of ideas I’ve been slowly gathering, from how I might update dated flats in need of some TLC, to little additions that would breathe new life into some tired corners of my current place. I’ve just ordered a few new bits and pieces so once they’ve arrived and found their place,. I’ll make sure to post my own, updated space.

1. Painting 70s brick fireplaces changes the whole look in an instant.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 34

2. Kilim rugs warm up cold bathrooms.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 35

3. Having a sofa in a bedroom has to be the absolute interior dream.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 27

4. The perfect entrance hallway.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 29

5. Storage and easy access to a cocktail hour gets a big yes from me.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 28

6. Swap a bedside table for a chest of drawers to maximise space.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 25

7. Mismatched cushions and multiple framed prints is my idea of the perfect sitting room.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 26

8. Flowers and antique mirrors brighten up bathrooms.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 22

9. Obsessed with this retro spearmint colour for a dressing rooms or bathroom.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 24

10. Cosiness is key.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 19

11. Chairs and stools in a bedroom make for lots of different places to throw clothes at the end of the day…

FMN | Sanctuary  - 20

12. Standard white and pine-top kitchen elevated with rugs, open shelves and industrial lights.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 17

13. Shearling throws soften metal or wicker chairs.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 10

14. Warm blues, terracottas and creams are create comfort without being frilly or girly.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 15

15. Mismatched vintage finds work in total unison.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 11

16. Not overfilling shelves stops things from being too cluttered. And blue paisley is always a good idea.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 07

17. Ladder shelves create storage in small spaces and kitchen handles can easily be changed to brass for a quick fix.

FMN | Sanctuary  - 30

18. Proving white can be warm…

FMN | Sanctuary  - 02

And if that weren’t enough, here’s even more inspiration I’ve been hoarding…

FMN | Sanctuary  - 18 FMN | Sanctuary  - 16 FMN | Sanctuary  - 13 FMN | Sanctuary  - 09 FMN | Sanctuary  - 12 FMN | Sanctuary  - 04 FMN | Sanctuary  - 03 FMN | Sanctuary  - 01FMN | Sanctuary  - 21FMN | Sanctuary  - 23FMN | Sanctuary  - 31

Images via Pinterest, Domaine Home, Jaclyn Paige, Elle Decor



  • Oh, these are really inspiring. Love the natural touch they all have!

    Jules x

  • Such inspiring photos. Love the cozy style and natural materials! xx

  • Great inspiration. Love the bedroom in 14 and the wall paper in the last photo!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  • This post was great for me in terms of inspo, but I would like to request a different kind of post: how to decorate a mediocre apartment with BEIGE CARPET! I am a young professional working my first big job after grad school, and while I earn enough to afford a pretty rad 1BR apartment in a great location, it’s not the newest or the most elegant, at least not in its natural state! My biggest complaint is the beige carpet; would much prefer hardwood floor or tile, but as it is I would love some advice on how to make it work! – a clean eating bento blog.

  • Nico

    What amazing place!

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    lb-lc fashion blog| bloglovin’

  • That spearmint color is lovely and so is the idea of an antique mirror in the bathroom. I’d be pretty happy with a sofa in the bedroom as well.


    Lesson: I cannot invest in interiors if I want my social life not to wilt and die.

    Lots of love. X

  • Love the spearmint colour! Reminds me of the bathrooms at Babington house.

  • Sophie

    Love these inspiration posts!

  • such a nice inspirations. I love the cushions.