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I did a Resolutions post at the start of 2014 and it went down so well I figured I should do a new one for this year.

I think it’s pretty telling that there are a few of the same resolutions on this list as last year’s…. Still, it’s all about the trying rather than the succeeding innit. So in the spirit of new starts, here ‘s what I’m aiming for over the next year, ranging from the small and (very) insignificant to the bigger, more meaningful changes.


1. Read Not Watch In Bed

Jamie and I are terrible at staying up late and watching ‘just one more episode’ of that favourite box set, which inevitably turns into three which inevitably means we go to bed really late and a bit wired from the latest House of Cards plot twist.
After reading lots in Sri Lanka and in bed at home over Christmas, I’m endeavouring once again to keep the laptop in the living room and read a book before lights out instead.


2. Be More Bendy

This is always in my resolutions which must mean I’m never quite getting there, but maybe this will be the year to change me and my unflexible hamstrings. I love doing yoga, it’s just getting to the studio that’s the hard bit… Still, now I’m self-employed there’s no excuse and hopefully this will be the year I master the headstand.


3. Blog Four Times A Week 

I’m hoping to up my daily blog outage from 3 to 4 times a week so hopefully there’ll be even more content on FMN over the next year. Some of the posts might be a bit shorter than others (quick outfit shots, currently loving posts or beauty product highlights etc) but I hope you’ll enjoy the slight increase in weekly posts. And I’m starting on the right foot with this going live on a Sunday which will be one of my new publishing days… I’m also thinking about starting a little Tumblr if that’s something people would be up for.


4. Worry Less

Like lots of my generation, I worry a lot. From the wording of that e-mail to whether or not I said something stupid at a party, I can end up with a knot in my stomach over something that in the grand scheme of things matters very little. I thinks it comes down to being a bit of a neurotic perfectionist, wanting to do everything to the best of my abilities and please everyone while at it, all of which are very annoying qualities I really wish I didn’t have (much easier to not care at all), but this year I’m vowing not to sweat the small stuff and put that nervous energy towards something more useful.


5. Entertain More

Since working at home, my dining table has totally morphed into a desk and until we move into a new place later this year, storage and space is in short supply. But, with a few small tweaks and organisational tools, I’m hoping to regain enough room to have friends round for dinner much more often.


6. Frame Things

Over the last few years, I’ve collected lots of prints, postcards and random patterns and pictures, all of which are sitting homeless in rolls and boxes under my bed just waiting for a decent frame. I think when you’re renting somewhere it’s easy to be quite slack with putting thins up on walls; the thought of re-plastering and painting over all those picture hook holes is enough to put you off before you begin. But I’m determined to stop being crap and start getting things properly framed and up on my walls.


7. Spend Time With The Happy Makers

In everyone’s life, there are people that make you feel full and happy and others that leave you feeling deflated and questioning yourself. Happy Makers are the former. These people aren’t always happy and enthusiastic, but their company always makes your day better rather than worse. And you know the feeling is mutual which is even nicer. You leave a Happy Maker thinking ‘I like them so much’ and never ‘I wonder if they like me’. These are the people we should be spending our time with and I plan on devoting 2015 to the Happy Makers.

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8. Think Beyond The Beach

When it comes to holidays, living in not-so-sunny London means my mind automatically reaches for the beach. I love a palm tree and a dose of vitamin D more than most but there’s so many other places I keep meaning to tick off my list. Cappadoccia in Turkey, Rajasthan in India, the Norwegian fjords and Lake Bled in Slovenia (where one of my best friend’s recently got engaged), are all up there and all a long way from a the ocean. More on this in my 2015 Travel Bucket List.

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9. Raybans Rut

Looking through my blog and instagram, I’m wearing my Rayban Wayfarers in almost every picture. It’s beginning to annoy me so I imagine you guys are feeling the same! I love them, they suit me, but there have to be more out there for me… If anyone has any suggestions to get me out of this rut please let me know!

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10. Do More Of What You Love

How many of us love escaping the city for a weekend in the middle of nowhere or a night at the ballet and yet do it once every few years? Well, rather than doing these things when they just happen to happen, I’m keen to make the good stuff come around more often. For me, that includes horse riding, weekends at my parents’ house on the beach, early mornings at carboot sales and dancing with friends. Oh and if what you love is being by yourself and watching Friends re-runs in bed then that’s just fine too.

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If you still need some inspiration to kick start the new year, here’s some more wise words we could probably all do with heading now and again…. Here’s to making 2015 a goodie. xx

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  • Love the Happy Makers! You’d think it’s a no-brainer…Thanks for the reminder :)
    Happy New Year!

  • Laura Willems

    Beautiful resolutions, Lucy! Can relate to all of them, actually. Also: your writing! I have the feeling I keep saying this whenever I post a comment on your blog; but your words really make the difference between a random Tumblr- page with pretty pictures and a professional, self-critical and substantiated (I don’t know if I’m using the right word, but you get the point) blog. You’re my Happy Maker on the internet! (Although that sounds a bit gross.)
    All the best for 2015! x

    (Bled is beautiful btw!)

    • Well your comment just made you my happy maker (beyond gross!). Thanks so much for reading, supporting and commenting – always makes my day :) xx

  • Margarita Lygizou

    Hi Lucy! Happy new year. Similar resolutions here and I thought worth mentioning my yoga half solution that I started last year.

    I adore yoga and I have seen immense benefits but for me was a bit too difficult to fit a yoga studio in my routine for more than once/twice a week. I started doing yoga online ( and I haven’t looked back!! I am still going to the studio weekly but I follow some amazing in-between classes online.

    Hope it helps!


  • Love the images in this post, they are beautiful and inspirational! And definitely agree that it is important to hang out with people who make us feel positive about ourselves! Thanks for sharing this and all the other useful points!


  • Stunning post and pictures! It’s good to read your resolutions!



  • disqus_UZLj0ERU4t

    Great revision break to read this! And yes to Tumblr…

  • Happy New Years!

    I love love love reading in bed before falling to sleep. In fact, my partner and I have a TV in our bedroom that we probably haven’t turned on in years. Entertaining more is definitely a resolution I should be adding to my list!

    • I need to be strong like you – if I had a TV in the bedroom it would definitely be on a lot! xx

  • Nico

    Lots of great resolutions, I’ve got some similar!

    All the ways to wear a CAMEL COAT on lb-lc fashion blog

  • These are great resolutions, I agreed with a lot of them and have them on my list too!!!

  • I really enjoyed reading your post! I’m terrible at getting to them gym, all this packing my kit, traveling there and back…So I’ve signed up for InstructorLive and I’m so much more relaxed doing online class in my living room!

    • Thinking about doing this too… Just figuring out which one to sign up to. Thanks for the tip! xx

  • Pandora Sykes

    ‘happy makers’ is such a nice term

    • Thanks darl – maybe I should copyright that one ;) xx

  • Love this post! This year I made the resolution to not make any resolutions…but I might end up following a few of yours instead! x

    • I think no resolutions is great! Or just little ones when you feel like them… takes the pressure off doesn’t it?! xx

  • Kate Florence Brazier

    Hi Lucy! Happy New Year! I just wanted to say, your blog is definitely one of my most favorites! Your style and tastes are so similar to mine (well I like to think haha) I love looking to you for inspiration and visual delights! Please keep the posts coming! Best wishes, Kate x x

    • Thanks Kate – can promise there’ll be even more posts this year so glad you’ll be reading! xx

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Perfect new resolutions ! I am always in love with your pictures, and yes, a Tumblr is an amazing idea !

  • Hannah Floss

    Hi Lucy, absolutely love your blog – it’s great you’ll be writing more posts. I know you’ve mentioned your love of yoga here but I’d love to hear more of your fitness tips and how you keep in such great shape! Thanks & happy new year! Hxx

  • Read in bed and Bend more have become mine now – thank you and good luck with yours.

    Petite Side of Style

  • Lucy McFarland

    Really enjoyed reading this post. I’m a big fan of your blog and since becoming hooked earlier this year- have now read pretty much your whole back catalogue! I love checking in every few days for new posts. Thank you!

    • Yay. Love hearing that – thank you xx

      • oh me too here totally checking your archive, it’s a little treat for me to read a few posts as a break (two small kids in this house!), getting lots of good holiday style inspo, plus wedding outfit inspo, (loads of inspo – travel, beauty – everything!) and its so nice to follow a blog that is London based rather than USA or Aussie. As i’m on a tight budget its so great there is a mix of high st and designer too. So thanks!!!

  • aspiring student

    Look at Preen Eyewear! Some of my favourite shades I own. so glad I stumbled across your blog, its wonderful!

  • Cotton . Clean

    Great resolutions and lovely pictures <3

  • Tornn

    Love the resolution to frame. I am in the same boat after travelling. I have way to many prints and take way to many photos that need to finally make their way up onto my wall. I agree when I one day finally get a place to call my own hopefully the framed images will be on the wall much quicker. In saying that there is something to the large framed prints leaning against the wall that I love.

  • terra

    Any idea where the striped short jumpsuit in the photo ” spend time with the happy makers ” is from? Thanks so much!

  • Maria Alemany

    I really hate the picture of the anorexic girl in the horse(too much bony)

  • Very nice resolutions even if some of them seem difficult to do.. I hope you will !