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A Weekend in Lisbon | Beach Day


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A Slip of a Thing


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Lessons in Homeowning


Buying, renovating, decorating and maintaining your own place is a big life step and a sure fire way to bring any commitment-phobe or indecisive hothead out in hives. Having just moved into my first (owned) flat after an 18 month process of searching, offering and doing-upping I thought I'd share a few nuggets of advice I've learnt (mostly the hard way) so far... 11 Comments Read more


Je M'en Fous?


Give me a white tee with a flash of red writing and I'm sold straight away, so when I saw this in Reformation I knew I was getting it even before I got the translation (French is not my forte). But when I found out it means "I don't care" I knew I had to have it... 22 Comments Read more

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My Perfect Escape

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Safari might just be my perfect escape… Don’t get me wrong, I love lying by turquoise waters in the mediterranean and drinking margaritas in Mexico, but nothing gets into your soul like the early rises, pink skies and four-legged friends […] 10 Comments Read more


Confessions of a Boot Hoarder


A recent house move has meant a lot of clearing, decluttering and generally employing the ethos of tidying guru Marie Kondo and thinking ‘does this give me joy’ every time you hold something and finding it a better home if […] 21 Comments Read more

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My love of travel is pretty well documented on this blog. The need to see new places and say yes to trips and adventures has stuck with me ever since I first went travelling aged 18 and wanderlust got firmly under my skin and into my veins... 20 Comments Read more